Maximising Storage Space!

You have chosen your storage space perfect for you. You can visualise the space needed, now is the time to fill your self storage unit. But take it from us, a little bit of organisation before moving in goes along way. Here are some tips to use when filling your self storage unit and it will make things easier for you in the long run!

Arranging items that you foresee you’ll need towards the front of the self storage unit and packing these boxes first onto moving trucks will guarantee that they will be last off and towards the front of the storage space. Where possible, try to keep a path in the center of the unit.  Stacking boxes along your unit with heavy furniture at the back of the storage space with long term boxes on top and with lighter boxes that you will need towards the front of the storage space.

Stack items vertically. Especially furniture! Large items can be stacked on their sides to take up less floor space.  Also when packing vertically, please use packing boxes sourced from storage facilities. The boxes supplied are constructed especially for storage, they are thicker and sturdier and built for this exact purpose.

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Mind the gap! For those customer that are looking at storing long time, filling in gaps between items will save space. Place soft bedding into garbage bags and fill these into any visiable empty spaces.

When packing your unit, don’t forget spots like underneath and behind tables, lounges, and inside cabinets; these are great spaces for longer items like brooms and vacuum arms. There is a lot of hidden spaces in a unit where you can hide your items if you know where to look.

If you are unsure of the space that you need, please see or contact our friendly staff  to calculate the space that you need.  We are more than happy to help but with a little bit of organisation, you can get all of your belongings in safely and maybe have some space for the future! Contact us @: Wollongong Mini Storage



  • Make sure heavier items are on the bottom and lighter items or boxes are on top
  • Use storage grade boxes
  • A little planning helps in the long run

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