There’s no such thing as too much storage space, and most of us face the problem of not having enough.

That being said, it’s not always possible or practical to create some more space where you need it – which is where the benefits of Self Storage unit can be extremely useful.

Anyone can use Self Storage, for any type of item, for any length of time, whether it be furniture and household belongings, boats, cars or sporting equipment, business paperwork or excess stock. You know it is safe and secure, and you pay for the space you need, only for as long as you need it.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Security: Your space is yours, with your own lock and key. You have 24/7 access with the benefit of top-notch security keeping your possessions safe.
  • Flexibility: No long-term contracts are involved. You decide how much space you need and for how long, and pay accordingly. If you get rid of some of your possessions and need less space, it’s simple and straightforward to change to unit that better meets your needs, and the same applies if you want to put more into storage.
  • Convenience: You can move in the day you sign up, access is simple and everything you need is on-site – you might need a trolley or forklift to transfer goods from your vehicle to the storage unit or extra packing materials, but you will find them there, and ready for use.
  • Cost: Renting a Self Storage unit is cheaper and easier than building a shed in the backyard or trying to build in extra cupboard space.
  • Location: Self Storage facilities are so popular these days, you are bound to find a unit that is close to your home or office, to minimise travel time and maximise access.

Why would I use it?

If you’re a business owner, there are all sorts of situations where you might want to store off-site.

It might be archived paperwork that needs to be kept secure for the tax department, or precious documents that you would prefer kept away from the office in case of fire. You might have new season stock that’s not quite ready for the shelves, or extra stock ready for sale time.

A good Self Storage facility can act as your safe or your warehouse. Either way, you need a reliable, secure facility that gives you peace of mind, knowing your assets are protected.

If you’re moving house, or selling, or renovating, having somewhere to stock excess furniture or other possessions can be a godsend.

Storing furniture and other household items while you move home can make such a move a lot less stressful. It gives you time and space to sort through your belongings between houses, rather than dealing with the clutter at the same time as everything else that you have to do when moving house.

And it makes perfect sense when renovating, to move large or precious pieces out of the way while you or the professionals are getting on with the job. That way, you have room to move and your possessions are not in danger of being damaged.

If you’re selling your home, real estate agents will tell you that an emptier, less cluttered house looks more spacious and attractive to a prospective buyer.

No matter what reason you need a Self Storage unit for, the most important benefit to you is having secure storage at your fingertips, when and where you need it.

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